Digital Solutions for today's needs
Digital Solutions for today's needs

What we do


We define the right profile, visual identity, public, channels and content plan based on an online and offline analysis.



We produce graphic and audiovisual pieces suited to each platform. We continuously optimize your content plan based on performance.



We detect trends, opportunities, threats and critic situations. We do benchmark. We give metrics, alerts, and personalized reports. We use the best tools for social listening and web analytics.



We optimize social networks reach and interaction and search engine positioning. We make campaigns based on objectives: branding and performance, reaching the wanted target using segmentation techniques, databases and remarketing audiences.



We find strategic actors in segments of your interest, from large users (influencers) to medium rank (micro-influencers), which keep a closer relationship with their community. We produce creative actions to empower reach and enrich brand’s image.



We use advanced techniques for data mining and, most important, the right analysis to turn it into useful information for decision-making.


Why we are different

We incorporate multiple factors in the making of a digital strategy:
Web and Social Network analytics

Communication strategies and desk research

We combine quantitative and qualitative analysis to define and continuously optimize the right course of action. With the right instruments and methodology, the constant exam of digital environment becomes a powerful guide for intervention. Con los instrumentos y la metodología adecuados, el examen constante del ámbito digital se convierte en una poderosa guía para la acción. On the other hand, the full knowledge of each channel and its best practices allows us to make the most of each effort, leading each message to the matching public. We integrate these factors to the required creativity for the highest quality of contents.


Diego Cano is Advisory Services associate. He has got more than 25 years of experience in corporate fraud analysis and in strategic communication and crisis management consulting.

He has also developed a Social Listening tool (eARS) very required by clients all over Latin America because of its high capability for qualitative analysis, trend anticipation and conflict prevention.

He has been Country Manager of FTI Consulting in Argentina for more than 11 years and Managing Director of Kroll in Argentina and Brazil for more than 10 years, with experience in cases all across Latin America.

He has been a teacher of Political Science in Buenos Aires University and Universidad del Salvador.

He usually writes about fraud prevention and digital intelligence. In 2010 he published the book “Against fraud”, with Granica publishing house. And in 2017 he published “3.0. Jungle – Trolls: information and disinformation”.

Lucas Malaspina is Strategy Manager in RTP Advisory Services. His experience within Digital Media and as independent consultant is enhanced by his facets of investigator and journalist interested in cultural, historical and political issues, associated with youth and the new digital narratives.

His areas of competence covers from community management and online advertising management to web and social network analytics.

He has recently finished a Master degree in Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO) about Political Communication and Public Opinion.

Our team is completed by qualified professional in communication, graphic design, video production, web programming, data mining and digital marketing.


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